MagicBands, A Love Story?

25 Oct
October 25, 2013

Colorado Dad and I will be heading to Disney World for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in less than 2 weeks! I’m very excited for the trip, especially because of these little beauties:


I’m interested to see how they do once we’re in the parks, but for now, I thought I’d share a few of our experiences while getting them set up. Let’s just say I’m not in love with them…yet. :)

The Request
I think most people are joining the test program via an email sent to them by Disney, but our experience was a little different. About 3 weeks ago, I happened to log on to the My Disney Experience (known as MDE from here on out) site and noticed that I had an option to customize my MagicBands. We hadn’t received an email, they just showed up on my account.

We are traveling with my sister, her boyfriend and my parents and our reservations are all linked, so I was also able to see that they were all going to receive MagicBands too! We had about 5 days to customize our bands with our names and favorite colors, so quickly made our choices and submitted.

The Package
The really good part about this whole process is that the Bands ship out REALLY fast and they come next day air. The amusing part about the whole process? The Disney email system is a little bit behind. I received a “Yay! Your MagicBands have shipped” notification about 10 minutes after they arrived at my door and the next day I received a “You’re invited to participate” email. Oops :) But hey, tardy emails are WAY better than tardy MagicBands!

The bands themselves come in a really nice box and I was pretty excited to see Elastigirl on the front – she is, after all, voiced by a fellow Holly ;-)


The Setup
Since our MagicBands were already in our MDE account, we didn’t have to manually set them up, although there’s an option for that if necessary. This is where the process went off the rails a little bit. It might be because we have multiple linked accounts, but I’m not sure:

Here’s how we’re set up:

  • Colorado Dad and I are on my MDE account, with everyone setup as “Friends”. Because of this, I can see my parents’ reservation and my sister’s reservation. The MagicBands for Colorado Dad and I both show up on this account.
  • Colorado G-Ma and G-Pa are set up on an MDE account with me setup as a “Friend”. Colorado G-Pa’s MagicBand shows up on this account. Colorado G-Ma’s MagicBand does NOT show up here, but DOES show up on my account.
  • Colorado Sister and BF are setup on an MDE account with me setup as a “Friend”. Colorado Sister’s MagicBand shows up on this account. Colorado BF’s MagicBand does NOT show up here, but DOES show up on my account.


Clearly there’s some weirdness here. Especially since my parents and sister all customized their MagicBands using their own MDE accounts. For now, I’m ignoring that and have moved on to linking up our park tickets with our MagicBands. Again, the process is a little screwy.

Colorado Dad and I both have annual passes. These linked up with zero problems and I’m optimistic they will work. We’ll still need to bring our cards with us for discount purposes, but we should be able to use our bands to enter the park. 

Colorado G-Ma and G-Pa have two types of tickets. 3-day park tickets and separate individual tickets for the Finish Line Party after the marathon. We got all the tickets added to their MDE account, but now 3 of the 4 tickets are showing up under my Dad’s MagicBand while only one is showing up under my Mom’s.


There doesn’t seem to be a way to fix this online, so I’ll either have to call or wait until we get onsite. I’m probably going to wait until we get onsite just so we can easily test to make sure everything’s working right. We’ll see how it goes!

My sister doesn’t have her park tickets yet, so we haven’t tried to link anything to her account. Fingers crossed that everything works!

Despite all the weirdness, I’m still excited about this new system. The ability to pre-register for Fastpasses is intriguing and is keeping me busy looking at all the different combinations. I’ll go through that piece of the new My Disney Experience in my next post, so stay tuned!

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  1. mickeysforum says:

    I’ll be testing them out pretty soon. I made a quick blog post about it. I am not going to be happy about the new update. You can read it here


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