Giving Thanks!

24 Nov
November 24, 2011

  • My family (the ones I live with):This is probably pretty obvious, but it is so true. We just spent a few days up at my parents’ house in the mountains as a mini “staycation” and while there were a few grumpy moments, we shared a LOT of laughs, some good relaxation and a little bit of healthy competition (I won Phase 10 AND pinball. HA! :) ) Thank you for helping me enjoy this life to the fullest!
  • My family (the ones I don’t live with): From my mother-in-law who watched our dog while we went to the mountains, to my mom who came over to check on our house while we were gone, to my sister who encouraged me to start blogging, to those relatives that live in North Carolina and Georgia that I don’t see enough, I have a great extended family and I am truly blessed for all the help and support I get from them throughout the year. Thank you!
  • My coworkers: I know you probably don’t hear this very often, but honestly, my company kicks a**. While there are occasional bad days, I can always count on my coworkers to make me smile, and I honestly count them all as “family”. We laugh, cry, fight and celebrate just like any other family I know. Thank you to all of you for getting me through the day with a laugh or a smile.
  • My home:

    Rocky Mountain National Park, outside of Estes Park, CO

    I take it for granted a lot, I think, but we really live in a beautiful state. Although we don’t have an ocean nearby (something Colorado Dad reminds me of EVERY DAY), we have the mountains. And they ARE beautiful. I hope to always have Colorado in my life.

And finally:

  • My friends: Whether I have known you since kindergarten or have just met you virtually for the first time, I am so grateful to all of you. No matter how well I know you, you are part of a group that actually knows me the best and give me encouragement and support, no matter what – ¬†for that I am so thankful. I’m looking forward to expanding all my friendships in 2012!

So, to all that I am thankful for in my life, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that your celebrations are full of love, thanks, good food and great friends!

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  1. wdwalone says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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