Giving Thanks: Day 4

04 Nov
November 4, 2013

Today, I’m giving thanks to creativity and the minds of our children.

Colorado Princess is growing like a weed and the other day I realized she’s pretty much grown out of all her socks…ok, they were all 2T-3T, so technically she grew out of them about 2 years ago, but anyway…We bought her new socks and when we got home, I asked her to put them away. She put half of them away, but the other half she used to do this

Socks and shoes, all ready to go

Socks and shoes, all ready to go

Kind of hard to see in this picture, but she’s picked out a different color sock pair for each set of shoes and has laid them out, all ready to go. Perfect! I’m hoping this will end the daily scramble to find socks and/or the perfect pair of shoes to match her outfit :)

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  1. Tami @Colorado Mountain Mom says:

    And a purple wall to boot! This is precious. It’s so fun having a little princess, isn’t it mom? :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Disney Fan in Colorado says:

      Yes, princesses are definitely fun! I just wish they didn’t come with so much glitter…it’s taking over our house :-)


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